How I Manifested £100 (& a lil’ more Self-Love) in 5 Days


Hi everyone,

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that on Saturday 15th October I started asking for tips on how to utilise the Law of Attraction to manifest money FAST.

You see, I wanted to go to VegFest in London on Saturday 22nd October. I already had 2 tickets; but I had no money for the train fare or to actually buy anything with.

Now I know there are many more critical or useful uses for £100. But I’ve had a difficult time recently and, apart from sitting at home feeling sad, this was all I had to focus on and look forward to.

So I took myself on a crash course of Law of Attraction. Here are the steps I took:

  • I started reading Denise Duffield Thomas’ book, ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch’. I only got midway through but as I went along I applied everything she advises: I made lists of people, situations and my own actions which I needed to forgive – whether they were related to money or not I wrote them all down and then I repeated the forgiveness mantra “I forgive you. I’m sorry. And I love you” for each and every one.
  • I watched VegFest videos from last year’s event and really visualised myself attending; the excitement walking through the entrance, exploring all the stalls, giving my money to friendly stallholders and feeling great about it, tasting beautiful food, vlogging the day and making a brilliant video for my YouTube channel.
  • I found some affirmation videos on YouTube and played them either whilst meditating or whilst doing other things. This ‘500 Affirmations’ was my absolute favourite. If I was meditating, I’d hold a £5 note which I’d sniff (Denise’s recommendation!) and feel between my fingers, to get used to enjoy having money.
  • I looked to Instagram for positive money affirmations and saved a bunch on my phone to look at regularly and memorise. I particularly loved @MyMoneyMogul for this.
  • I tried to be super mindful of what I was saying and thinking. I didn’t discuss what I was doing with anybody, so that neither they (or I) would cast doubt on my process.
  • At the same time as all this I tried to remain mindful of any intuitive pulls I was receiving, as these might be the practical steps needed to help the money flow to me.

Taking all these steps I managed to become really confident that I was meant to go, and that it was OK for me to have this money for this (some might say trivial) purpose, and it seemed such a certainty that I would go.

In the end, a number of items I was trying to sell DID sell, and I had the money I needed within 5 days. And just as I imagined, this happened!

I also found that this process, and Denise’s book especially, is not just about money. It’s about forgiving yourself, and others, and yourself some more. It’s about believing in your own self worth, believing that you deserve. Increasing your self love.

For those reasons alone I say if you are sceptical of the Law of Attraction it is STILL worth exploring it and doing the work. I felt so good about me, so worthy, so filled up with love for myself, that was an even greater feeling than accumulating the money.


What am I doing? Mid-January edition!



Let’s dive straight in 😀

I AM… getting my Leonie Dawson on.

I got the Leonie Dawson 2016 Life Workbook and Weekly Planner for Christmas, and I am committing a bit of time every weekend to filling the Workbook out and making plans in the Planner.

I haven’t been strict enough with myself to make specific goals that actually push me forwards. I am feeling the call to do so, but I’m hiding in my cocoon. I need to be brave, strong, and more determined about my dreams!

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.32.59.png

Here I am in the bath!

I AM… keeping a daily diary.

I’ve tried to do this before and it never lasts, but so far I only have 4 unfilled pages!

I am trying it out so I can get my feelings down on paper as all too often I hold them in. And also so that I can record any spiritual happenings or guidance, dreams and signs that happen.

I AM… seeing a lot of unicorns!

Speaking of signs… So, elementals. I’ve not been that interested in the past; they’re a bit too ‘woo woo’ for me.

But the past 1.5-2 weeks I’ve seen unicorns everywhere! Yes I know if you follow anything spiritual on social media you’re bound to see unicorns, but it all actually started with a unicorn appearing in my meditation one day and since then I’ve seen them literally all over the place.

Apparently, unicorns assist with self-belief and faith, hope, the imagination and healing. All of which I would say are themes for me ☺️


I AM… reading ‘Soul Shifts’ by Barbara de Angelis.

And it is wonderful. Barbara creates the image that your Higher Self is a temple and I LOVE that. It resonates.

You are a Seer rather than a Seeker of your own wisdom. You merely need to understand that everything you’re searching for – which in my case is my life purpose and satisfying that horrible feeling that I’m here to DO something but I don’t remember what – is within you already. You just need to open yourself to it.

Since reading this I’ve had some vivid dreams and felt shifts to my thoughts and my energy, so I know it is penetrating at a deep soul level and I can’t wait to see what happens as I continue into the book.

I AM… rewatching Ab Fab.

Lately I seem to enjoy rewatching old classics over discovering new shows. So I found Ab Fab on Netflix Australia and have had a good binge.

Watching it now I’m older I can better appreciate the fantastic writing by Jennifer Saunders and the acting of all the cast but particularly Joanna Lumley as Patsy; I’ve since seen her out of character in numerous documentaries and she’s so poised and classy in real life, this just makes her performance more fascinating and her comedic skills more impressive!

I also sit here gobsmacked at how incredibly abusive Eddy is towards her daughter Saffy, I take it for what it is of course (i.e. not real!) but my HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) side feels too deeply for the Saffy character. Ah the trials of being so sensitive!



That’s all for now! I’ll be back next week, it’s in the weekly planner 😄🙏

My Holiday Reading List!

I am leaving today for a week’s holiday in Fuerteventura, Spain!

I was going to take my laptop so I can journal and blog (+ watch Netflix oh god I’m obsessed!)… but then I decided it’s a good opportunity to have a bit of a digital detox.

My Kindle however is allowed to come 🙂 Now am I the only one who..?

1. Scans my Amazon Wish List every single day to check for price drops… soon as that bad boy drops to £2 or less, buy it!

2. Buys more Kindle books than I can ever hope to read!

3. Starts / reads several books at one time.

I suspect this describes all readers and book lovers out there. And of course, if you’re anything like me, you will also LOVE a good book recommendation or reading list!

And so, je present:

My Holiday Reading List!

Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life: A Guide for Anxious Humans – by Neil Hughes

I heard about this book the day I started following Emilie Wapnick of Puttylike on Twitter (she interviewed Neil here).

A book written by a funny person about their battle with anxiety is a must-read for me. Plus, anybody who describes their life as “anxious bumbling through existence” is frankly extremely likely to be on my wavelength!

Check out these awesome reviews from the book’s jacket:

“Neil has a pleasing use of commas” – Anonymous.

“It’s not bad I suppose” – Neil’s mum.

“Pure drive. Avoid at all costs” – Neil’s inner critic.

Check out his website.

Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found – by Cheryl Strayed.

I wanted to see the movie but never got the chance, so this will be a great chance to read this autobiography of a woman who, in the midst of a life that seemed to be falling apart, walked 1100 miles across the US.

I love stories of women who have fought their way through difficult times. Like many depression / anxiety sufferers it gives me hope and motivation but more importantly it reminds me I’m not alone, and gives me a sense of solidarity and friendship with these women who are sharing their story. p.s I hope to be one of them one day!

Another similar book which is also on my Kindle is Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed by Sonia Choquette.

The Invention of Wings – by Sue Monk Kidd

I have always been drawn to books set during the times of slavery. Maybe it’s a past life memory coming through.

So when I found this through randomly clicking about on Amazon and saw all the positive reviews (including Oprah, yo) I decided it’s highly likely I’m going to like it.

This story is said to be based on the true story of two girls, one a slave and one her ‘mistress’, who come together as sisters and abolitionists.

Have you got any book recommendations to share? 🙂 Comment below! 

January TV / YouTube favourites!

As I’ve spent the last fortnight sitting in my studio painting and crafting, I’ve been relying on YouTube and Netflix a LOT to help keep my spirits up especially when I’ve been painting for 7 straight hours 🙂

So, I thought it’d be fun to post some of my favourite shows from 2015 so far! (especially as I haven’t posted any favourites for nearly a year!)

Good Mythical Morning

One day, Rhett & Link (the hosts, pictured, of Good Mythical Morning) popped up on my YouTube homepage with a video called “Will it Taco?“. I love me a taco so I thought ‘sure why not?’.

Essentially the video was these two very watchable and witty guys putting unusual fillings (not all edible!) into taco shells to see whether it makes for a good taco. Stuff like packing peanuts and baby shampoo 🙂

They’ve done a bunch of similar “experiments” in addition to tons of other fun stuff such as testing the squeezability of different condiments, which is totally the sort of thing that I could see myself and my boyfriend doing if we were really bored one day. Albeit begrudgingly on his part 🙂

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I know that in the US this show is currently in Season 10 but criminally it has never been shown on UK TV so there are thousands of Brits who don’t know the genius!

My little brother and I share a very similar taste in humour which extends into a very similar taste for films and TV shows, so if he ever recommends something I know I’m going to like it too.

So when I went to visit him at Christmas and he suggested It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix, I said yes without hesitating. And he’s got me hooked, so much so I subscribed to Netflix solely to keep watching this show!

It’s about this group of friends who work together in a pub and they really are the most despicable, unmoral bunch ever: they treat each other and others like total crap, in the most entertaining way possible!

I haven’t been able to find many clips from the show online, only behind-the-scenes stuff, so all I can suggest is if you have Netflix give this one a go!

Nerdy Nummies

Back to YouTube and I think I was watching the awesome baking / Kawaii hybrid show Kawaii Sweet World when Nerdy Nummies popped up in the “Related Channels” menu.

The host Ro (pictured, short for Rosanna) seems the sweetest girl, she’s just so cute and likeable, and I especially enjoy her collaborations with her equally sweet sister Mo. Their videos tend to be silly experiments as well, such as the “Smoothie Challenge” where you have to put random ingredients into a smoothie and drink it (much more harmless ingredients than shampoo but still not necessarily nice when all blended together!).

She does a lot of baking videos as well and even though a lot of her creations relate to gaming (which I know nothing about) Ro is so watchable and the cakes are so creative and yummy looking that it really doesn’t matter.

So there you go, my top 3 YouTube / TV favourites! Later this week (or next week latest) I hope to post a little YouTube surprise of my own so make sure you check back for that!

Happy viewing 🙂

Withdrawal symptoms or loss of faith?

So after a week and a half of flow and ease, where everything felt natural and right, my motivation hit the floor on Wednesday.

I’m not sticking to my work schedule: I’m getting up late and going up to my studio late, and then I’m not actually doing any work. I’ve not fancied eating breakfast. I’m craving sugar: I’ve gone back a step with my dairy / sugar detox which has made me feel weak because I was doing so well. My skin has gone spotty. I can’t visualise or have new ideas, it’s like my imagination and I have lost our connection.

To be honest it is a struggle just writing this post – I started it yesterday and then gave up because I couldn’t focus, it was just a jumble of ideas that I couldn’t straighten out.

What’s going on! Is this dairy / sugar withdrawal?? I didn’t even know it was possible but the idea just came to me (in meditation, again!) and a google search shows it is a possibility. Symptoms of both dairy and sugar withdrawal can include feelings of depression and mood instability. Yikes! I guess I just have to ride it out and try, TRY to keep going.

I think another issue is that my fear of lack has kicked in. The thought process, simplified, goes like this:

“I’ve produced so much new stuff for my store! But I’ve not made any money yet…
Hmm it’s mid-January… I’m not going to make enough this month am I 😦 (Law of Attraction takes note)
I should make some stuff that I can charge more for! (Which would be creating from a source of fear, not a source of love)
My imagination is broken 😦 I haven’t got any ideas and now I can’t visualise money coming to me either. I’ve wrecked everything!” (All kinds of wrong!)

Whilst last week I discovered how wonderful it feels learning to listen to my higher self with regards to working in full alignment with my values and interests, I think this week has offered the lesson of acknowledging my physical and mental health needs.

It’s a lot to take on all at once: gradually converting to veganism and sugar free, reopening my Etsy store as my sole income stream AND trying to think only positive abundant thoughts!

It’s scary how subtle the shift can be from faith to fear. And it seems so much harder to shift BACK to faith then it is slipping out of it.

I guess that’s the journey 🙂