Vegan Cheese & Chocolate Haul!

Morning everybody!

Baxter and I had a very productive day yesterday shooting our new Vegan Haul video, which this time is all about the yummy cheese and chocolate products I have found. Check it out!


A dreamy seaside stroll!

I grew up by the seaside in Kent and yesterday I returned home to spend a few days with my family.

I love the sea! I miss it so bad now I live in the midlands. I find it so calming and peaceful. I took Baxter to Whitstable this afternoon and took a few snaps, including the one above of a heart-shaped stone I found on the beach.

Whitstable is a small fishing and harbour town about 10 minutes from my parents’ house, famous for its oysters which I’ve never partaken in of course I normally opt for a glass of white wine instead 🙂

In recent years the town has attracted a lot of artists who have set up studios and boutiques in the town which I really love to look round, it has a young laidback vibe.

On this occasion though I just walked the path by the beach.

Baxter isn’t a huge fan of walking on pebbles but he sniffed round a bit, and then we sat together on the beach looking for more heart pebbles and taking in the sunshine.

Baxter & I deliver my Etsy sale!

Whenever I make a sale on my Etsy store I have a tradition when it comes to despatch day: no matter what the weather, I grab my iPod and Baxter and I stroll down to our local village post office.

It’s a really precious feeling to me, to have things I have imagined and created be purchased and go off to all corners of the globe.

It’s also a great feeling to walk past the big office block, like so many I have worked in before, and think ‘it’s 11.00am and I am outside in the sun and fresh air with my dog, my tunes and a piece of my art that someone has bought from me, actually bought!’. It feels right, and it feels like utter peace and contentment in my heart.

The tunes help as well – today’s highlights were ‘The Unbirthday Song’ from Alice in Wonderland, ‘Fat-bottomed Girls’ by Queen and ‘Fool on the Hill’ by the Beatles. I naturally gravitate towards peppy beats and motivational (or silly) lyrics, and just generally feel kick-ass!!!

So if you ever see me walking along with a huge grin on my face, you’ll know I am delivering a sale!

I thought today I’d take a few photos of our journey so you can come along with us – for a truly authentic experience you may want to peruse them whilst listening to a Disney soundtrack of your choice 🙂


Here I am all wrapped up – we’ve had some snow over the last couple days so it’s a bit slippery but surprisingly not too cold.


And here’s my walking companion Master Baxter leading the way!

IMG_6120Baxter’s a funny old thing (aren’t they all!) he hates the rain and wind, but snow and ice are absolutely fine. In fact he kept trying to rub himself on the ice!

IMG_6127Here we are at the Post Office. I tie Baxter up by the ‘Walls Ice Cream’ sign and pop inside: I love handing over my card, it’s so exciting! Then I come back out and give Baxter a few treats for being a good boy, and then we walk home.


When I get home I mark my Etsy sale as dispatched, and then Baxter and I have a celebratory snuggle.


And that’s it!

Have a happy Hump Day everybody 🙂 xx

iTunes, smarties & sausage dogs

I’ve been in my studio for 3 hours so far today and my time has been apportioned thus:

Painting = 20 mins
Downloading music = 30 mins
Organising my iTunes library into playlists = 30 mins
Eating smarties = 30 mins
Playing with Baxter = 1 hour

I am just not feeling productive at all! Which is weird because as soon as I woke up this morning I gave my daily gratitude to the Universe, I gave myself a reiki treatment and then did some yoga. So I was warmed up, balanced and feeling great: surely the best way to maximise the day’s productivity?

But no. Maybe this is my higher self’s response: that I need to play and take some time out. And eat a lot of smarties. It makes me feel guilty though, especially when I’ve been on such a roll yesterday this week both with my Etsy store (I uploaded 5 new items, check them out here!) and my gradual weaning off sugar and dairy.

In fairness, perhaps it isn’t such a great mystery why I’m not focused 100%, with this happening, but what you gonna do!

Baxter & I get a-craftin’!

After yesterday’s epic tidy-up, today was FINALLY time to start creating! 🙂

I found some doodles in one of my sketch pads and turned them into six new greeting card designs! I’m really happy with them and can’t wait for you all to see them – I hoped to upload them to my Etsy store today but alas I have run out of glue so I wasn’t able to assemble the cards to completion.

I’m really proud of all I’ve accomplished today, I worked really hard all day and didn’t even get distracted by catching up on the Christmas Day episode of Downton Abbey! (I know I’m very behind!).

Again today I felt really fulfilled and content. I KNOW this is how my spirit team would have me feel every single day, and feeling so ‘in flow’ gives me so much confidence and strength. I have managed another day without fretting about the future or about money; in place of fear I have allowed myself complete faith in the Universe.

This morning I had Baxter in the room with me: he isn’t used to the room so spent a good 1.5 hours sniffing round. Finally he got sleepy but he wanted snuggles with his mummy, it’s not the easiest thing in the world drawing and painting with a dog on your lap but it wouldn’t be the same without him!

Baxter & me at my desk

Baxter & me at my desk

Although at this point I did have to give in and give him a bit more attention!

Baxter not helping me paint!

Baxter not helping me paint!

I’m out all day tomorrow visiting my best friend and her new baby, so my products won’t go live until Thursday. I’m also thinking about changing my store’s name so will get some time to contemplate on that further. But for now, I’m off for more Baxter snuggles!