If you’re Floppy and you’re Guilty, CUT IT OUT!

This is me today.

This morning I meditated (and fell asleep) on the sofa. Then I ate lunch and fell asleep again.

Then I came upstairs to my studio fully intending to paint – and lay facedown on the floor for a while instead. As you do!

I don’t feel sad or depressed, I’m just drained. I’ve been feeling extra panicky this past week: even driving and going to moderately busy/noisy places have been exhausting and scary in a panicky way.

I have 2 weeks off work and I’m putting pressure on myself to use it productively, which just makes me want to lie facedown on the floor even more!

You just have to ride it out when you have days like these.

Unless it’s EVERY day; then you may need to consider speaking to your Doctor or a therapist in case there are any mental health issues at play. 

Forcing yourself to do stuff CAN work. It takes a whole lot of energy though, am I right?

And if you don’t have the energy or the mental willpower today, well, beating yourself up about that isn’t going to help, K? A tasty little guilt-trip will just give you even less incentive to do anything.

In fact, allowing any negative emotion or energy to arouse itself will definitely make you feel worse; not just right now, but tonight and probably tomorrow too, it might even permeate your entire week.

Have you considered that actually this might be what your mind, body and soul needs MORE than checking anything off your to-do list? What about you, your health, your wellbeing? You remember you, don’t you? 

And if you are a spiritual sort… Maybe you are receiving healing, or chakra cleansing, or an intuitive information download. Maybe you are being given downtime because you’ve been neglecting yourself lately, or because something big lies ahead in your future that you need to be well rested for.

SO…if you are feeling lazy today then snuggle a little deeper under that blanket, order the nearest human to bring you sustenance in the form of tea / ice cream and hunker down for some good old floppiness. ENJOY!


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