Worriers: cut yourself some slack!

Are you one of those people who has the same thoughts, worries or concerns going through their mind over and over on rotation?

And even though you acknowledge it, you’re reaaaaaally really bad at stopping yourself from doing it?

Do you ever think “how do other people manage to put worries to one side and maintain a happy positive attitude?”

Or maybe you just conclude sadly that you must be genetically predisposed to worry and see a negative slant to everything?

*sigh* I know how ya feel!

Perhaps we do ourselves an injustice though.

Maybe we do manage to go 10 minutes, 20, 30, an hour, without thinking about the thing we’re worrying about – we just don’t notice it?

Or – if current thinking (pun not intended) is correct and we have 35-48 thoughts per minute, then surely half of that minute at least must be spent thinking about things other than the worry?

As somebody who worries, stresses, procrastinates and obsesses A LOT, these little presumptions make me feel a bit better. A bit less powerless.

Plus, self-awareness is a good thing.

As long as it doesn’t lean over into obsession. I have no medical expertise so I can’t specify the difference but in my experience I notice that I think about some things waaaaay too much and also I close myself off to people around me because I’m SO engrossed in my own journey.

We shouldn’t compare ourselves.

We must remember: it’s not like those people with happy positive attitudes don’t have worries. We don’t know their inner world. Maybe they aren’t deep thinkers. Maybe they aren’t self-aware. Maybe they are intensely private.

And also, they don’t have mindfulness nailed. Because nobody has mindfulness nailed. Mindfulness is an ongoing, constant practice.

Why are we worriers so different? Don’t know, don’t care!

It’s like trying to understand the actions of your narcissist ex-boyfriend who cheated on you or your so-called friend who bitches that you never call her but she never calls you.

If we try to figure out if and why, I think we would end up winding ourselves up and feeling confused, stressed and inferior. So don’t bother! Just don’t go there. It won’t serve you.

Just focus on you. Practice mindfulness – observing your thoughts and letting those that do not serve go on their way.

Like a train going through a train station – you don’t HAVE to board that train, you can let it go by.


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