Panic attacks can kiss my Star Wars PJs!

Imagine a floppy, sleepy, messy heap of Star Wars pyjamas and fluffy bed socks, and you have just imagined what I look like right now. Actually sod it, here’s exactly what I look like right now #nofilter #pointlesshashtags

I had a very unpleasant tummy bug over the weekend so all plans to write and vlog were called off and instead I lay in bed or in the bath consuming ice cream.

Then today after a shitty night’s sleep I was back at my temp job: it was very busy and I (as usual) had a million thoughts racing through my mind per minute. Sure enough, mid morning I started to feel the onset of a panic attack *sigh*.

Luckily I had planned to meet a friend for lunch so that helped calm me down. I also tried very hard to let unhelpful thoughts and worries float by like clouds. Those two things just about got me through but you know I was chomping at the bit by 5.29pm ready to get the hell out of dodge.

And now I’m lying on the sofa. It’s pretty much all I can do at this point but I’m glad I’ve checked in with you guys and written this blog post, this is what I love to do after all. Now the day is over I feel like my panic attack can suck it.

I hope you have had, or will have, a quick and easy Monday! Keep breathing and giving yourself loving thoughts.


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