This is what alignment to your life purpose feels like

I woke up this morning at the very unamusing time of 5.30am and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

As soon as my boyf left for work I decided to stick on a meditation. I have a YouTube playlist of my favourites and I opted for one called Visualization Techniques – A Meditation to Achieve Your Dreams by Jonathan Parker.

Parker begins by asking you to remember a time when you did something successfully and to really focus in on how that felt.

My memory took me back to my biggest acting job, when I was a lead performer in a musical and toured to some of the biggest theatres in the UK.

I visualised myself on stage singing that big finale number I had to do. I felt so proud and happy. I asked myself to pinpoint it exactly: how did it feel?

And the answer came to me exactly like this:

It felt like I was channelling God.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I was possessed lol, and I’m not saying this with any sort of religious context – I said ‘God’ but it could just as easily be ‘Universe’, ‘Source’, ‘Love’ or ‘Field of Potentiality’!

What I mean is, it felt like I was so in flow and so aligned to my higher self in that moment that love was pouring through every molecule of my being. I felt completely connected. I felt like an expression of Love, of all that is.

It felt glorious.

It felt right.

I know now that when I do anything that makes me feel that way, I am aligned to my life purpose.

What about you? What are your experiences when it comes to life purpose?

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