Vegan Margherita Pizza

I have been getting a bit jealous of serving up pizza’s to my boyf lately.

It’s not that I can’t find vegan pizza anywhere: Holland & Barrett offer this Meatless Meat Feast pizza which is very nice. But what if I decide I want pizza of an evening and don’t have one in stock?

BEHOLD! My (mostly) homemade margherita pizza!









Left – before cooking and Right – fresh out of the oven

This post isn’t a full recipe, as I bought a part-baked pizza base from Waitrose – come on if I can’t be arsed to drive 10 minutes to buy a pizza, I’m hardly gonna mix and knead my own dough am I! I simply put the toppings on and put it in the oven for 16 minutes as per the package instructions.

And as I didn’t have any shop-bought vegan mozzarella I googled a recipe and found this one from Sam at It Doesn’t Take Like Chicken. Let’s talk about this recipe for a moment. It uses tapioca flour to recreate the stretchiness of mozzarella and of course nutritional yeast flakes to make it cheesy. IT WORKS! And it literally took about 10 minutes to make. I am so excited, you can bet I will be making it several times this week as a dip and adding some white wine and nutmeg to make fondue. Hmmmmm!

For the tomato base I made a batch of my pomodora pasta sauce (which I will post the recipe for next week) as I like my pizza pie fully loaded with sauce AND cheese. I have perfected my sauce over many many years of practice and frankly it’s so good now I think it’s proof I think that I was a Nonna in a past life for sure 🙂

Long story short – this pizza was one of the nicest I’ve ever eaten. Partly because I made it just the way I like it, granted, but the combination of thick rick tomato sauce and creamy-but-gooey mozzarella made me so so happy. Equally good as any dairy margherita hands down.

And I did the carnivore test: I served a piece of my pizza to my boyf – a non-vegetable eating carnivore – and he said he would happily eat this pizza!

A big success for Vegans everywhere, I’d say 🙂


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