Overwhelmed by Cruelty Free Beauty?

I’m not much of a make-up enthusiast, but after a day in full make-up on Sunday to shoot my latest haul video I felt inspired to look for some pretty new make-up ideas and I ended up watching a haul video of cruelty free make-up products by Kiara Rose.

Long story short, I’ve opened up a whole new can of “shit I didn’t know THEY tested on animals”!

I guess I just presumed that most cosmetics and skincare companies these days don’t test on animals because, generally speaking, the common opinion is that it’s wrong to do so. And here in the EU there is a ban on animal testing for cosmetic and toiletry products and ingredients.

But check this out from PETA UK’s website:

“Beware of claims such as “this product is not tested on animals”, which can hide the fact that its ingredients are tested on animals, and “this company does not test on animals”, which may simply mean the company contracts out its testing to other companies.”

Not only that, but it goes on to say:

“In some countries – China, for example – it is compulsory for any company that sells cosmetics to pay for the products to be tested on animals. This means that some companies that have been cruelty-free for years have turned their backs on their ethical policies and have started testing on animals in order to reach these lucrative developing markets.
This is why, in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, we still have an important ethical choice to make when buying cosmetics. Companies may be complying with the cosmetics testing ban in Europe, but at the same time, they are selling products in another market that have been tested on animals”.

This is why some products you pick up will say “We do not test our products on animals nor do we permit others to do so except where it is required by law.”

It’s like how I felt after I watched Vegucated or Cowspiracy. Once these facts are in my brain, I feel like I must be and want to be a more ethical consumer. Although, as PETA says, it’s a choice we have to make.

Obviously I know the right choice but if I’m honest a part of me feels overwhelmed at the effort and cost involved in finding new brands for my ENTIRE beauty routine. 

But then again it could be kinda fun, right? 🙂

I’ve found some handy links where you can search your favourite brands to see if they’re cruelty free or not, and search for ethical alternatives.

Go Cruelty Free

PETA’s ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ database

Cruelty Free Kitty

Amber’s Beauty Talk

If you know any beauty products that you know to be cruelty free and that you’d like to recommend, please comment below and eliminate some of the overwhelm for us newbie’s!


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Cruelty Free Beauty?

  1. I highly recommend you check out a blog called Logical Harmony! It is the most up to date and trustworthy blog for vegan and cruelty free products. At first the transition is hard but with time and research you will know what brands are completely cruelty, which brands are cruelty free but have parent companies that test and which brands to stay away from all together. Right now my favorite foundation is from Circa Cosmetics which is a brand by Eva Mendes that just came out. With the beauty blender it is perfection!


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