A Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide

p.s. there’s something pretty at the bottom of this post 🙂

I woke up this morning at 6am and knew today would be different.

You see, the last couple days I’ve been in the worst sort of funk. The kind I’ve spoken about before, you know what I mean…

Those days when you feel inexplicably down. 

You feel like a failure. 

You can’t bear to look at anything you have cared about or worked on, because it just looks and feels utterly pointless and rubbish.

You can’t bring yourself to smile.

You can’t bring yourself to do anything, except berate yourself for not doing anything.

I get hit by these days every month, like clockwork.

I’ve woken up at 6am and my mind has slowly, like its wading through mud, coughed and spluttered and headed in the direction of everything thats negative and should be worried about. There I have dwelled, unrelentingly and unforgivingly. I have lay in my bed desperate not to face the day.

Although the best thing you can do is ride it out with compassion and patience, it feels like a massive effort just to exist and you fear whether it will ever come to an end.

But today, at 6.30am, I woke up and knew the funk was over.

I knew this, because I observed that my mind had not ventured towards negativity.

Instead, I was running through my to-do list with enthusiasm. I was planning, thinking, creating, daydreaming. All without censorship or doubt. I felt ready and pumped and wanted to get going.

Things felt good again. I’d made it through another funk.

I grabbed my notebook and made a list detailing how I felt waking up today compared to yesterday.

And then I thought, why just write about it when you can create an infographic!

So here it is. The first one I’ve ever attempted. Feel free to share, Pin, Insta or Tweet.

It’s not just for a HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person: anyone who deals with a mental health issue will, I think, relate and find it helpful.

Have a glorious weekend everyone and whether you are doing buggar all or doing something exciting, trust that it is whatever your body and soul needs.


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