Hay House World Summit is here!

The Hay House World Summit 2015 opens today, woo hoo!

If you aren’t sure who publishing company Hay House are – go to your bookshelf and pick up your favourite self-help or spiritual tome. Turn it over and check out who published it.

Chances are, it’s Hay House. They have published work by Gabrielle Bernstein, Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray, Wayne W. Dyer, Esther Hicks and Deepak Chopra to name just a few.

The Summit is a free online collection of brand new talks given by each author, exclusively available only for a few weeks. In the past couple years I have devoured as many of these talks as I could and kept the shiniest nuggets of wisdom written in my notebook.

I highly recommend you go check it out: if you are into spirituality, Law of Attraction, angels, meditation, healthy eating or anything in that ballpark, I guarantee you will find something you like.

Oh, and just allow me to put an intention out into the Universe: I WILL be on this line-up one day 🙂


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