I’m a Hootin Tweetin Insta-Birdie!

I feel like I need to let loose with some silliness right now, I’ve concentrated very hard and been very sensible all day it feels most unnatural!

Today I created a presence for Freedom, Birdie! on a number of social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus. Then I created accounts at Hootsuite, Tweet Deck, Buffer, IFTTT – these are apparently going to save me time by sharing my social media output here on my blog, on my YouTube channel, my Tweets and Instagram photos, across multiple platforms automatically.

This is so not my forte, I’d never even heard of half this stuff until today! But I am feeling called to step up my game, and start aiming bigger and better for this here blog.

Later this year I want to get the Freedom, Birdie! website professionally prettified and branded and I want to produce more content and even start offering products, whilst keeping the blog as my personal online diary.

Until then I am stepping out of my comfort zone online and getting a little more extrovert, so feel free to add me and I will try my best to say or do interesting things occasionally 🙂

You can find me at:

Twitter        @Freedombirdie
Instagram   @freedom_birdie
Google+      Freedom, Birdie!

(p.s. I’m also on YouTube and Pinterest).


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