Vegan smoked mozzarella

I recently took a trip to Brighton.

While most tourists would visit the seaside kitsch of the pier, the quirky charm of the North Laines or the wow-inducing chocolate sculptures at Choccywoccydoodah, I marched my friends straight to Infinity Foods a vegan/vegetarian supermarket.

I think they were slightly concerned at my enthusiasm for the large range of tofu’s and vegan cheeses but guys, I’ve talked about my struggle to find a tasty vegan cheese before, I’m getting desperate!!

I picked up a few new options which I will blog and vlog about in due course (I haven’t opened them all yet). However today I wanted to talk about SmokeyRisella, a vegan smoked mozzarella by Mozzarisella which is made of germinated rice and coconut oil.


Upon opening the salami-shaped parcel there was no immediate aroma so I went in for a sniff. It smelt EXACTLY like smoked cheese. So far so good!


Like any normal person who opens a packet of cheese to cook with, the first slice went straight in my mouth.

AND A HEAVENLY CHOIR DID SING. It tasted exactly like smoked mozzarella. FINALLY a vegan cheese that is delicious! I was so happy I may have done a small jig (don’t tell anyone).

I couldn’t taste rice at all. Once the cheese melted (see below) I detected a very slight sweetness which was the coconut oil coming through but it didn’t bother me at all.


I popped it onto my Epic Vegan Bolognese and it went in the oven for 15 mins. When I pulled it out a couple of pieces had melted round the edges however most were still disc shaped.

BUT as soon as I dished it into my bowl the discs melted in and it was just like normal mozzarella.


The great news is, you can buy Mozzarisella products online!

I can’t wait to buy more and experiment with it. It is definitely tasty enough to enjoy on its own or in a more subtle dish like a fresh tricolore salad of mozzarella, tomato and basil – how delicious that would be!


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