Everyone is better than me!

Yesterday turned out to be one of those days where I don’t feel good enough. 

It’s funny how a day can start so innocently and look so bright (literally, the UK is having a veritable heatwave!).

And yet, I ended up comparing my art to other artists’ and feeling incredibly inferior (I do this a lot, read about it here!) and comparing my blog to a friend’s brand new blog, which has only 3 blog posts and already 10x the subscribers that I have.

Whereas only the day before I was finding success stories of free spirited, location independent entrepreneurs which made me feel “yes I could do that!”; yesterday I could only see the proof that “she succeeded because she has this personality trait or that skill, and I don’t”.

I “realised” I was a shit artist and blogger going nowhere. That I should quit, and lets just hope another pathway opens up for me FAST!

Here’s how I coped with not feeling good enough:

1. I know not to take it seriously

This is just what my brain does sometimes. I just need to ride it out until I feel better.

I don’t make any big or rash decisions. I don’t write off any ideas that I have or have had.

I just sit with it and let it have its moment.

2. I send out love to those I’m comparing myself against

I learnt about this concept from Marie Forleo (click here for her video) who said that instead of feeling jealous/competitive by someone else, send blessings and love to that person instead. Wish them MORE of what they have.

This way you are sending positivity out into the world, and via the Law of Attraction you will receive this back.

3. I learn from the feeling

It’s amazing how, within the last 6 months, I’ve been able to notice and honour my feelings and have the strength to know they will pass.

As Marie Forleo mentions, feeling jealous can guide you to pinpoint something that you want for yourself.

When a friend mentioned she was interested in energy healing, I was jealous enough to admit to myself I wanted to learn reiki.

When a colleague spoke of wanting to open her own cafe, I was jealous enough to admit to myself I wanted to be an entrepreneur too.

Seeing my friend’s huge follower count yesterday made me jealous enough to remember I love my blog and want it to succeed, and so I wrote this blog post 🙂

4. I distract myself

For me personally, if I sit in the feeling of not feeling good enough for too long and let it accumulate it WILL lead to a big ol’ panic attack.

During yesterday’s particular attack of low self-esteem I was at work so I couldn’t switch on Netflix or go for a walk. But I did fortunately have my iPod with me so I plugged in and found a podcast to listen to.

If I don’t have a podcast on me, I’d find a menial task to do such as make my shopping list or browse my Amazon wishlist, or sneak into the work toilets and spend a few moments meditating (anyone else do this??).


Today I feel better. It’s funny isn’t it how these feelings can come and go.

I was right that it would pass, it always does.

You just have to acknowledge it, seek for the lessons in it and then treat yourself kindly until you feel better again.

If you have any coping strategies that you’d like to share, leave a comment below!


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