Podcasts to get through tedious situations

So as you will know if you’ve been following me recently, I have reluctantly taken a temp job. Essentially, I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day typing stuff into the world’s longest spreadsheet.

I’ve found it massively helpful to listen to the huge backlog of Podcasts on my iPod which I download thinking they sound amazing but rarely get around to actually listening to. Today I thought I’d share a few of the highlights which have literally saved me from banging my head on my desk with boredom.

(note: all of the following are links to iTunes but are likely available on other platforms as well, just get on the google).

The Angelos and Barry Show


British readers will know the comedic character Angelos Epithemiou from shows including Shooting Stars. If you don’t know Angelos then be prepared, the content of this Podcast is explicit and potentially offensive.

If that type of humour appeals to you though then please check this out. It’s given me so many moments of stifling a chuckle and making coworkers wonder why their data entry bitch is laughing at a spreadsheet.

Episode of Honour – any of them

I can’t even pick out one episode over the others. Just go download all of them 🙂

Ear Biscuits

I have mentioned Rhett and Link before as they also make highly entertaining YouTube videos. So when I discovered they also make Podcasts I got straight on it.

Episode of Honour – 20.02.15 Josh Sundquist

I’d never heard of motivational speaker and paralympian Josh before but off the back of this very entertaining and even lifechanging episode I have put both of his books on my Amazon Wishlist and will certainly look more into his backstory online.

Creating Your Own Path

cover170x170 (2)

I subscribe to plenty of motivational Podcasts and surely there can be no better situation for one than when you’re in a situation which can drive you to hopelessness and depression if you let it.

Jennifer E Snyder is the host and she interviews inspirational creatives and creators in great depth about their journeys.

Episode of Honour – 29.01.15 Thad Woodman of Inkshares

Inkshares is a genius concept in the field of self-publishing and, as I fancy myself as a future bestselling author this episode was jam-packed with info on self-publishing and on running a start-up.


If you have any recommendations of Podcasts to help me survive my never-ending spreadsheet, please leave a comment below 🙂


One thought on “Podcasts to get through tedious situations

  1. Cool! That last one sounds especially good, since I’ve actually been tinkering with the idea of self-publishing. I’ll definitely have to check it out 🙂

    As for recommendations, I really like Joyce Meyer. I usually watch her on TV, but she has podcasts on ITunes as well. I find her very inspirational, maybe you will too? 🙂


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