Bumbling round Cambridge

Yesterday we took a trip to Cambridge to check out an Etsy fair!

The fair was at the Round Church. It is very pretty inside and well worth a look, there’s a lot of info about the history of Cambridge inside.

The fair itself though was tiny. I was a bit dismayed that I’d dragged us 1.5 hours away for a fair that took 5 minutes to walk round and cost £4 entry for the privilege! That being said we did see some really lovely crafts, particularly ZantheArtisan who combines wreaths with beautiful needlefelt creatures!

With plenty of time left on our hands we decided to explore the city a bit, as although we’ve both been there many times before we rarely get time to just bumble round. Opposite the church was Hardys sweetie shop with this amazing display of giant sweets! I used to love sherbert and flying saucers!

Normally when I walk past such a place as this I would be helplessly sucked in by its tractor beam to buy as many Butterfingers and Reeses anything as I can carry, but we had already stocked up on sweet treats from Fudge Kitchen.

I only managed to get a shot of the window display because once inside it’s pretty packed, but I think this has a little something to do with the abundant free samples on offer! Once you get past the people crowding round the sample trays it was quite quick to order and OMG the fudge was SO incredibly delicious, in fact one sample I tried was so fresh it was still warm and extra gooey. I bought a slab of chocolate fudge that seriously tastes like chocolate ganache! Screw the sugar free diet for this stuff!!!

Along the same street as Fudge Kitchen are a few very cool art gallery/shops with some brilliant illustrations and sculpture pieces in the windows. I’ve tried to google the artists or at least locate which shop I saw them in, as I feel guilty posting their work without giving them credit, but I can’t find the information now – if you are the artist or know them, please get in touch!

IMG_6259 IMG_6258

Opposite this line of shops was Kings College which deservingly attracts a lot of visitors as it is both historic and beautiful. I tried to take a selfie as I also wanted to show off my halo braid but I didn’t manage to pull it off, I just look windswept lol 🙂


I love the statues that adorn many of the historic buildings around Cambridge and in particular I was tickled by this pigeon’s choice of perch – I wonder what Henry VIII would’ve had to say about it!


I also found Henry at Trinity College, sans pigeon.


There were a few street performers dotted around but I was really impressed by a girl called Sarah Jane who had a fantastic voice. By contrast, I was also impressed (in a WTF way!) by this guy who was playing guitar in a bin 🙂

IMG_6282 IMG_6285

We had a couple of refreshment breaks throughout the day but unfortunately I was so hungry/thirsty I forgot to take any pictures.

But I CAN heartily recommend where we went. When we first got to Cambridge we went straight to Cafe Sicilia, an independently run Sicilian cafe which makes their own Italian cakes and treats on the premises. It’s very popular with locals 🙂 I had a beautifully thick and tasty hot chocolate with soy milk, and a freshly baked margherita pizzette.

Then, before leaving the city for the trek home I decided to try my first ever bubble tea at Ooshi which is conveniently next door to Cafe Sicilia! I went for passion fruit mixed with green tea and mango balls. It was really nice! But even though I only ordered a small sized drink, I couldn’t finish it as I’m not used to drinks that sweet.


A little tip if you are wishing to visit Cambridge – parking is expensive! We would normally park at one of the Park n Ride’s outside the centre and take a bus in, but as we were running late we drove straight into the city and parked at Queen Anne Terrace multistorey car park. It is really close to the centre and for a 4 hour stay we spent £5 which in Cambridge is pretty reasonable.


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