Quick lunchbreak update!

Determined to grab a lunch hour away from my new temp job, I have escaped and taken my laptop back to the place where I sat only a few weeks ago as an artist working on my Etsy store – the Noodle Bar!

I hoped to use this break to do a spot of research on a potential new project, the idea for which came to me while I was in the shower this morning, but time has got away with me: I’ve been editing and uploading my 2nd Vlog to YouTube which is really exciting, so look out for that within the next 24hrs! I really enjoy filming and editing little films 🙂

In the meantime, just a couple quick bulletins:

  1. To the person at my new temp job who stole my almond milk out of the fridge (not stole as in used, they actually TOOK it!)
    I’ve had no tea today. THANKS.
    OK and now I’m over it.
  2. To the person who clicked ‘dislike’ on my first ever vlog on YouTube.
    You are completely entitled to dislike my video, of course.
    It won’t be to everyone’s taste.
    But it was my first one! And I tried really hard.
    It seems a bit mean-spirited that you’d hit that dislike button but I guess that’s the consequence of putting myself out there, into the world of interwebs, for people to judge.
    Thank you at least for not leaving me a nasty message with it 😦

OK better run, back to work!


One thought on “Quick lunchbreak update!

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