How I seized the moment last night

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 18.39.45

It was last night, 6pm.

I was on Facebook when a post by Marie Forleo popped up on my News Feed. Perusing the comments I was shocked to see tons of people posting their application videos for B-School Scholarships. How had I not seen anything about the date of the submission window!?!

I delved a bit deeper and found the deadline: Monday 16th Feb at 3pm EST.

“Oh good, I have until tomorrow”.

Then, taking off my doofus goggles, I realised that Monday 16th Feb was TODAY, and 3pm EST is 8pm GMT. Recalling how long it took me to make my submission video last year, I sadly closed the browser and chalked it up as a missed opportunity.

Then my boyf arrived home. We sat catching up about our days and I mentioned the Scholarship and how I’d missed out this year.

It went something like this: “the deadline is in 1.5 hours time so there’s no way I can make a submission video, it’s too late now… I mean, it’s not TOO late, I could try but I don’t think it’s enough time, it would be absolute garbage… although I suppose I could try anyway… shall I try? I’ll go try…”.

I ran upstairs into my studio, opened my Macbook, grabbed my box of greetings cards and started filming myself talking. I hadn’t brushed my hair, I hadn’t changed my clothes, I hadn’t put make up on, I hadn’t had time to write a script or even think about what I wanted to say or how I wanted to present my ideas. I just knew that it takes an AGE uploading videos to YouTube so if I wanted to submit something I just had to act FAST.

Long story short – in the space of 60 mins I filmed, edited, added music to and uploaded my submission video!!

I’m choosing not to watch it again now it’s done because I will only see the flaws. I will only see the cuts that should’ve been tighter, the random toy emu in the background I should’ve moved, the music fade-out that was wrong but I had to give up trying to fix it because it was taking too long. It’s too late to fix any of that.

It may not be slick or succinct. But I am so proud that I did it and I am proud of the finished product (as it appears in my memory). I even think the deadline worked well to a certain extent – I didn’t have time to embellish or create a lavish story or big myself up. I just had to be me and show my products and give my ideas, real and honest.

I really enjoyed it! And the experience has made me decide to make more videos!

So I’m glad that, despite the slim odds, I tried. Even if I don’t get picked, I still succeeded 🙂


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