26th January Birthday Twins!

My Birthday is today, 26th January, so I thought I’d give a shout-out to my Birthday Twins! Here goes!

Happy Birthday, Australia!

Or more specifically, “Happy Anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788” (source)

Australia, if you’re reading this – I’ve never visited you, but I really really hope to one day. Fun fact: some of my ancestors went to Australia and founded a town which still stands today!

Happy Birthday, Ellen DeGeneres!


Ellen what an accolade, you share a birth date with me you lucky goose!

Sadly we don’t get The Ellen Show on UK TV so trying to pick a great clip from your myriad of YouTube clips is frankly a bit overwhelming.

So instead here is that awesome selfie you took!

Oh and thank you for Dory, I love Dory!

Happy Birthday, Paul Newman!

I won’t lie, I haven’t seen many of Paul’s films. I have seen Road to Perdition and Cool Hand Luke, I think that’s all.

However I have been to his lovely restaurant ‘Dressing Room’ in Westport Connecticut (although I’ve just discovered it closed last year, what a shame!).

I also, pre-veganism, freakin’ ADORED your Caesar dressing, and I love the fact that the proceeds go to charity. That’s extremely cool.

Happy Birthday, Jazzie B!

All throughout my childhood, and pre-Ellen DeGeneres, the only famous Birthday Twin I had whose name I had heard of, was Jazzie B from Soul II Soul.

The band may be no more but you’re still my first Birthday Twin!

From me, Jazzy B, to you, Jazzie B – have a good one mate!


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