A warning tale about Prosecco & blogging!

As you may know from a previous post, I’ve been taken on a weekend away for my birthday (more deets on that next week!).

We’re just chilling in our hotel room before we head out for the evening, and I’ve been reading ‘The Suitcase Entreprenuer‘ by Natalie Sisson while the boyf watches some sort of football-related show on TV (I tune it out).

I’m only a few pages in but Natalie highlights how crucial it is to love what you do if you’re going to have a freedom-based entrepreneurial career. She then talks about how she quit a very promising startup business that she’d invested many months of work in, when it became apparent she was more into her blogging than the business.

It made me think about my own blossoming career as an artist and blogger (maybe even vlogger!) and how I can grow it, and then I asked myself what do I really love? And the answer came: I’m on a weekend getaway but I would genuinely enjoy opening up my laptop right now and writing a blog post. Just like Natalie: I love writing my blog! 🙂

So all inspired I excitedly decided to open up my laptop and blog: and in that instant I had 2 separate blog posts appear in my head that I couldn’t wait to get started on! Brilliant!

However before I started I decided to pour myself a large Prosecco. I am on holiday after all! As I took a big glug and waited for my laptop to load up, my boyfriend started watching a funny video on YouTube so I perched beside him to watch it, and then that video led to another, and another, by which time I’d finished that very enjoyable large glass of Prosecco and decided ‘I’ll just top up my glass so I don’t have to get up whilst I’m blogging”… and so it went on for a bit…

And now I can’t remember what I was going to blog about!!

The moral of the story here is: write your ideas down before you start drinking!

As I have forgotten my excellent blog idea I may as well post one of the funny videos we were watching instead! 🙂 Good old ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ (will contain spoilers if you haven’t seen Season 4 yet, which you most likely won’t have if you’re a Brit).


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