January TV / YouTube favourites!

As I’ve spent the last fortnight sitting in my studio painting and crafting, I’ve been relying on YouTube and Netflix a LOT to help keep my spirits up especially when I’ve been painting for 7 straight hours 🙂

So, I thought it’d be fun to post some of my favourite shows from 2015 so far! (especially as I haven’t posted any favourites for nearly a year!)

Good Mythical Morning

One day, Rhett & Link (the hosts, pictured, of Good Mythical Morning) popped up on my YouTube homepage with a video called “Will it Taco?“. I love me a taco so I thought ‘sure why not?’.

Essentially the video was these two very watchable and witty guys putting unusual fillings (not all edible!) into taco shells to see whether it makes for a good taco. Stuff like packing peanuts and baby shampoo 🙂

They’ve done a bunch of similar “experiments” in addition to tons of other fun stuff such as testing the squeezability of different condiments, which is totally the sort of thing that I could see myself and my boyfriend doing if we were really bored one day. Albeit begrudgingly on his part 🙂

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I know that in the US this show is currently in Season 10 but criminally it has never been shown on UK TV so there are thousands of Brits who don’t know the genius!

My little brother and I share a very similar taste in humour which extends into a very similar taste for films and TV shows, so if he ever recommends something I know I’m going to like it too.

So when I went to visit him at Christmas and he suggested It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix, I said yes without hesitating. And he’s got me hooked, so much so I subscribed to Netflix solely to keep watching this show!

It’s about this group of friends who work together in a pub and they really are the most despicable, unmoral bunch ever: they treat each other and others like total crap, in the most entertaining way possible!

I haven’t been able to find many clips from the show online, only behind-the-scenes stuff, so all I can suggest is if you have Netflix give this one a go!

Nerdy Nummies

Back to YouTube and I think I was watching the awesome baking / Kawaii hybrid show Kawaii Sweet World when Nerdy Nummies popped up in the “Related Channels” menu.

The host Ro (pictured, short for Rosanna) seems the sweetest girl, she’s just so cute and likeable, and I especially enjoy her collaborations with her equally sweet sister Mo. Their videos tend to be silly experiments as well, such as the “Smoothie Challenge” where you have to put random ingredients into a smoothie and drink it (much more harmless ingredients than shampoo but still not necessarily nice when all blended together!).

She does a lot of baking videos as well and even though a lot of her creations relate to gaming (which I know nothing about) Ro is so watchable and the cakes are so creative and yummy looking that it really doesn’t matter.

So there you go, my top 3 YouTube / TV favourites! Later this week (or next week latest) I hope to post a little YouTube surprise of my own so make sure you check back for that!

Happy viewing 🙂


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