The Reiki healing crisis

It’s always a joy to wake up feeling like you have a hangover even though you haven’t been drinking!

I postulated (ooh I’ve literally never used that word before!) on Friday that this could be because I’ve been trying to eliminate dairy and sugar. However, my boyfriend doesn’t feel 100% either this morning so it could just be an old-fashioned and not-very-exotic flu bug!

Although, without wishing to sound self-indulgent and obsessed that I have something exotic wrong with me, I do think it’s likely that thrown into the mix is a Reiki healing crisis. Because I don’t practice Reiki regularly, so EVERY dang time I give myself a Reiki treatment I get a healing crisis. (p.s. not everybody gets one, but I do).

It’s a good thing because it essentially means that the Reiki has done its job and the body / mind / spirit are detoxing out all the gunk.

So I’m just trying to push through, I’ll keep up the diet and the Reiki but couple that with frequent hugs of a hot-water bottle and soothing drinks, just so all my bases are covered 🙂

And on that note, I’m now off for a VERY exotic adventure (note the sarcasm) which is to see if my local supermarket sells nutritional yeast flakes 🙂


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