iTunes, smarties & sausage dogs

I’ve been in my studio for 3 hours so far today and my time has been apportioned thus:

Painting = 20 mins
Downloading music = 30 mins
Organising my iTunes library into playlists = 30 mins
Eating smarties = 30 mins
Playing with Baxter = 1 hour

I am just not feeling productive at all! Which is weird because as soon as I woke up this morning I gave my daily gratitude to the Universe, I gave myself a reiki treatment and then did some yoga. So I was warmed up, balanced and feeling great: surely the best way to maximise the day’s productivity?

But no. Maybe this is my higher self’s response: that I need to play and take some time out. And eat a lot of smarties. It makes me feel guilty though, especially when I’ve been on such a roll yesterday this week both with my Etsy store (I uploaded 5 new items, check them out here!) and my gradual weaning off sugar and dairy.

In fairness, perhaps it isn’t such a great mystery why I’m not focused 100%, with this happening, but what you gonna do!


One thought on “iTunes, smarties & sausage dogs

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