3 wise lessons from an artist

As I have been a full-time freelance artist for 9 days now, it seemed the right time to pass down some of my wisdom to those folks just starting out 🙂

Just kidding, obvs! But I have learnt a few things that I thought I’d share:


I learnt very quickly that if you sit hunched over your desk with your face 6 inches away from your work for an extended period of time, it hurts.

I’m getting all kinds of random tweaks in my back, so I’m making sure I check my posture every so often and padding my chair with cushions for lower back support.

Also it’s even more important now that I implement my new year’s resolution of daily yoga. I recommend this easy (quick) routine to loosen yourself up:


If I try to paint small or intricate details post-4pm when it’s gotten dark outside it doesn’t end well. I end up painting clumsily because I can’t see properly and/or I’m tired and then I get cross with myself (yesterday I ended up splatting paint across my brand new laptop and nearly having a heart attack!).

For the same reasons there’s no point photographing my items in the late afternoon, just save it for the morning!


If you’re trying to eat healthily and cut back on sugar like I am, then sitting in the same room as your Christmas chocolates is a bad plan. The ONLY way around this apart from taking them into another room is placing them behind you and trying very hard to forget about them!

Check back for more wisdom soon!


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