Vegucated…24 hours later

Yesterday I watched Vegucated and then posted this. It was my most popular blog post yet, for which I am incredibly grateful and excited that so many people took the time to read it – and I think it says a lot about the friendliness and supportiveness of the vegan / vegetarian community.

I’ve signed up to receive the Vegan starter pack from PETA.

I’ve poured over a number of UK online vegan food suppliers and have been pleasantly shocked at the wide range of vegan cheese and meat substitutes I’ve found. I’m equally surprised that egg white substitute is so easy to use.

I’ve popped to my local health store and picked up some vegan cheddar and parmesan, vegan bacon (as Quorn bacon has egg white in it) and vegan fizzy cola bottles (god I miss these!!).

In other words – I’m not finding a lot of reasons to not give veganism a go.

Not wanting to take one documentary at full face value I’ve been reading up today about the treatment of animals on dairy farms here in the UK. There is a lot of information (and undercover video footage) available from organisations like PETA UK and Animal Aid which certainly paint an ugly picture. But there are also some family-run farms who claim to be humane and ethical (how true that is I don’t know without visiting them myself), such as Yeo Valley and Riverford: whose names I will, unless proven otherwise, look out for as ethical brands.

But then, as Vegucated pointed out, the labels ‘free-range’ and ‘organic’ don’t necessarily count for much when it comes to better treatment of the animals, so it’s really difficult to know exactly what conditions my dairy products are coming from.

It seems, therefore, that the only surefire way to ensure that I’m not supporting any barbaric practices, is to just go vegan.

I mean, I look at Baxter, an innocent and sentient animal just like any farmyard animal, and the notion of him being treated anything like the poor animals in those videos makes me want to vomit and then get incredibly angry. I just can’t forget what I’ve seen. 


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