Lets not berate ourselves for being unproductive this weekend

Hay House UK posted this photo on their Facebook feed earlier:

And it immediately put my mind at ease! (Thanks Universe!).

I’m totally one of those people who, whenever they stop and relax, are secretly berating themselves for not being productive and imagining the money drip-drip-dripping out of their bank account all because I AM BEING LAZY RIGHT NOW! (And then before you know it the Law of Attraction is bringing you just that. Thanks Law of Attraction!).

Doing nothing is primarily what I’ve done this weekend. I mean, I’ve tried some new recipes. I’ve spent time with my man. I’ve taken Baxter for walks. But I’ve not done any work. I clocked off at 5pm on Friday and haven’t given it a thought since.

And because I’ve read many self-employed entrepreneurs counsel that one of the biggest difficulties for them is switching off from work I feel sort of bad / a failure because I’ve found it very easy to relax this weekend. (Thanks Internet!).

I wanted to go for a run, but I didn’t do it. I didn’t want it enough. I wanted to stay home, snuggle with Baxter and watch Terry & June on YouTube. SO SUE ME!

Anyway, tomorrow I will be back on it, back in my studio sketching out ideas. At first it will feel like an effort (because I’m still getting those “I’m scared to try in case I fail” feelings) but I’m learning that if I push through them then I end up having a lot of fun and feeling better about myself than I have in a long, long time.

But that’s tomorrow. I’m now going to lie in bed, in my pants, with a red velvet donut and watch “IT Crowd” on Netflix. Enjoy that image 🙂


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