Know thy Thymus!


The week following my last day at my old job, my body went into emergency recovery mode. That is to say, I spent it asleep. On occasion I would precede my nap with an attempt at meditation, which would inevitably lead to the aforementioned snooze!

During one such attempt I was made aware of a chakra that I’d never seen before, situated between my throat and heart chakra.

Although I do chakra clearing meditations quite regularly, I don’t know of any other chakras than the main seven and the ear one (note: I believe that is not its technical name 🙂 ).

But I googled it afterwards and found that there IS a chakra there. It’s called the Thymus chakra, or the High Heart or Soul Seat chakra. It sounds rather lovely! (I love it when spiritually guided information gets factually validated like that, don’t you?).

This lady provides a nice, clear explanation on her blog: “The thymus chakra/energy wheel is said to work as a reflex centre for higher levels of consciousness and is important for higher consciousness activation. It has been suggested that the thymus chakra is where intent originates and is the source of meaning, direction, and spiritual longing in life.”

I can certainly understand why this chakra has been brought to my attention, given my quest for greater alignment with my higher self and life purpose this year, my leaning towards healing and spirituality, and my new year’s resolution to think, speak and act in alignment with the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Like I said, I didn’t even know this existed so I can only repeat the information I’ve found from other sources whilst I explore my own relationship to this little known chakra. But there is frustratingly little available online. I did find a couple more articles written by Deborah King who seems to know the Thymus chakra quite well, on Heal Your Life and on Deborah’s website.

Some websites say it’s a “new” chakra which is developing in us due to the age of ascension. I know even less about the ascension than I do about chakras but it is something I will look into further and hopefully report back on!


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