Living the Coffee Shop cliche (dream!)

A few hours ago I arrived at my nearest Costa Coffee, bought myself a soya chai tea latte, settled into the comfiest looking armchair and texted my boyfriend this photo with the caption “I’m living my dream, working for myself from a coffee shop!”:

In reality it ended up being just a tad less idyllic – I spent the first hour attempting unsuccessfully to connect to the public WiFi before I eventually realised it’s because the coffee shop is too far away from the building’s broadband router. So then I had to relocate … to the sofa next to the noodle bar!

On the other side of that sofa is an oven so it was really hot sitting there, and unsurprisingly it smelt very strongly of noodley stuff! Not quite what I’d envisaged!

Still … my WiFi worked perfectly in that position so I was able to get working and upload my six brand new items to my Etsy store! Writing the product descriptions took the longest but once I’d done one I was largely able to copy and paste the others. My brain is properly fried now!

But – I still had a drink in a coffee shop, and did lots of work, so it totally counts as one dream I can tick off the bucket list! I was a bit slow getting started but once I made myself start I had a great day. Tomorrow will be more painting and more blogging!


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