Baxter & I get a-craftin’!

After yesterday’s epic tidy-up, today was FINALLY time to start creating! 🙂

I found some doodles in one of my sketch pads and turned them into six new greeting card designs! I’m really happy with them and can’t wait for you all to see them – I hoped to upload them to my Etsy store today but alas I have run out of glue so I wasn’t able to assemble the cards to completion.

I’m really proud of all I’ve accomplished today, I worked really hard all day and didn’t even get distracted by catching up on the Christmas Day episode of Downton Abbey! (I know I’m very behind!).

Again today I felt really fulfilled and content. I KNOW this is how my spirit team would have me feel every single day, and feeling so ‘in flow’ gives me so much confidence and strength. I have managed another day without fretting about the future or about money; in place of fear I have allowed myself complete faith in the Universe.

This morning I had Baxter in the room with me: he isn’t used to the room so spent a good 1.5 hours sniffing round. Finally he got sleepy but he wanted snuggles with his mummy, it’s not the easiest thing in the world drawing and painting with a dog on your lap but it wouldn’t be the same without him!

Baxter & me at my desk

Baxter & me at my desk

Although at this point I did have to give in and give him a bit more attention!

Baxter not helping me paint!

Baxter not helping me paint!

I’m out all day tomorrow visiting my best friend and her new baby, so my products won’t go live until Thursday. I’m also thinking about changing my store’s name so will get some time to contemplate on that further. But for now, I’m off for more Baxter snuggles!


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