First day of my new job, done!

My first day of my new job working for myself is over! Well, actually it’s been over for about 2 hours, I treated myself to an early finish and a nice bath 🙂 Aren’t I a nice boss!

I am fortunate enough to have a spare room which is mine to work in. But I abandoned it for the majority of 2014 and so it has spent the year gradually accumulating tons of crap that we couldn’t fit anywhere else, gathering dust and stale energy and the residue of my previous “failure” at self-employment hanging in the air. So my task for today was to sort this sorry mess out!

I’ve thrown out 4 huge bags of recycling and 2 of rubbish, and have a box to give to charity. I’ve put up new pictures, mounted my vision board on the wall and let the cold British wind blow through and clear the (metaphorical) cobwebs. Then I dumped the clothes I was wearing into the washing basket and dumped myself into a warm bath!

It all felt rather lovely.

I’ve spent all day feeling enthused, excited, proactive and worthwhile. This, I guess, is how it feels when you’re on the RIGHT path, when you’re living in the direction of your flow instead of going against it. I couldn’t muster the motivation to even walk into this room last year; but today just felt great. Today felt, for the first time in years, like I was working to a purpose.

Tomorrow, then, begins the creative stuff. I hope to make and then list at least 1 item on my Etsy store by the end of the day.

Today’s Synchronicity!

Going forwards, I thought it’d be fun to keep a note of all the synchronicity I encounter.

So, in my morning prayer today I suddenly got an idea for an item I could make for my Etsy store!

Then I went onto Facebook and saw a new Danielle LaPorte blog post about unhealthy compromises and how we must ignore fear and doubt and push on towards what we really want. So perfect for what I am doing right now!

And THEN, I saw Doreen Virtue’s Angel Reading for the week ahead, which states that we are receiving million dollar ideas this week and they are definitely worth pursuing.

My new habit of a morning prayer / visualisation before I get out of bed has worked great today, I encourage everyone to try it.


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