My soul inspiration #2: the seaside

Yesterday my boyfriend Alex, our dog Baxter and I took a trip to the seaside at Hunstanton along the Norfolk coast.

Baxter and me

Baxter and me!

I find the sea so calming and inspiring. I grew up 5 minutes away  from the beach down in south east Kent so I’ve been breathing sea air and paddling sea water since I was born. Even though I’m not a strong swimmer and the idea of deep water scares me, being near the water feels like home to me.

I also like the whole shebang of the typical British seaside town: the penny arcades, the fish and chip shops, the candy floss. I get overexcited as soon as we arrive and spend at least the first 10 minutes singing “the sea! the sea!” and instructing Alex what I want to do first then second then third, which he is gracious (or smart) enough to just allow (anything to stop me singing!).

I love taking Baxter onto the beach. I give him any opportunity I can to let him off lead; that sense of freedom really resonates with me as he goes from restrained to running free and exploring. Sometimes I will run with him, if I’m wearing the right shoes !

Watching him paddle in the ocean makes me incredibly happy for some reason! I think its because he bunny hop’s through the water which is insanely cute.

Baxter on the beach

Baxter is a mini dachshund so as soon as he steps onto wet sand he’s basically covered in it!

I sat for some time just looking out to sea as the sun made it glisten and sparkle. I found myself really thankful to be there, and thankful to my two boys who came with me. I definitely got my fix of soul inspiration there and came home sandy and sleepy, and refreshed.


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