My big decision – Day 2

So how did Day 1 on Fluoxetine go?

I started the day feeling absolutely no different physically. Emotionally I was actually feeling more positive than usual, looking forward to the positive changes this will hopefully make to my life.

By mid-morning I was in full flow of a particularly shitty day at work, everything going wrong and me rushing all over the building trying to fix it, coming back to my desk and dealing with dozens of emails and calls. My chest started to feel tight and I realised I was starting to feel really panicky.

I managed to avoid a full-blown attack but by lunchtime I sat over my salad and potato wedges feeling even more emotionally weak than I do most days. It was a monumental push getting myself to stand up and trudge back to my desk to face another four hours of stress and misery. To combat this I did what any reasonable person would do and consumed a lot of chocolate throughout the afternoon!

I also started to feel nauseous (not because of all the chocolate!). A friend of mine who started antidepressants a few weeks ago reassures me she felt sick too but it had stopped after about a week.

So I just have to carry on while things temporarily get worse, because they will get better. It’s just my body readjusting to this foreign body I’ve ingested. I don’t really like taking any medicine but on this occasion I think my wellbeing will be better off for taking it than if I tried to keep battling on my own.



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