My soul inspiration #1: Disney World!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Whilst pottering around my lounge a moment ago I just got, for no reason I can think of, a little flashback of that beautiful sense of optimism, sunshine, health and freedom that being on holiday gives me.

It has inspired me to quickly sit down and talk about a place which absolutely sings to my soul and my soul sings back.  That feeling when you feel fully in flow with yourself on a deep down level. Some people might get this ‘in flow’ feeling when they visit India, or Thailand, or Bali – I’ve never visited those places – however for me, there is a special place where I always find myself again. Disney World in Florida.

Magic Kingdom, Disney World

Simply thinking about Disney World has really helped me through some very difficult times. For example, in the summer of 2013 I found myself in yet another job I hated, from which I had developed a delightful combination of physical pain (RSS (Repetitive Strain Syndrome) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and emotional pain (panic attacks and depression). I hated where I was but was at a loss as to what I should be doing instead, I was struggling financially, my boyfriend’s grandfather was unwell and all around us there just seemed to be problems.

WIth nothing on the horizon to look forward to and no escape routes from work or money problems, I felt like I had very little to cheer me up. That’s when I started thinking about Disney World, a place where I have experienced pure joy, relentless laughing fits, ease of just ‘being’ away from grown-up problems, and been immersed in Disney’s dedication to imagination and dreams. 

I started reading Disney Vacation forums whenever I was having a particularly low moment, such as my favourite The Dibb. And I downloaded songs from the Disney parks (the Fantasmic Fireworks theme being my favourite!) to listen to whenever I needed cheering up such as on my walk to work. Once I had figured out I could access YouTube on my TV, much to my boyfriend’s frustration I started watching Ride POV videos (the best being this guy’s, endless hours of fun!).

In a time when I was feeling increasingly hopeless I really needed that little burst of hope that dreams can come true and you are right to have dreams in the first place.

Me and WInnie the Pooh at Disney World!

That is what Disney World reawakens in me every time I go there.  I remember who I am. I remember those things I used to want to be and do before I got so drained and dragged down.  I reflect on things back home and suddenly I wonder, why am I making these choices for myself? Why aren’t I aiming for better?

Watching Fantasmic always brought a tear to my eye. In that moment I forgive myself for losing or abandoning myself for the pursuit of rent money. I long for a little more happiness and magic. And I start to believe again that it might just be possible.


Even though I never shared any of this with anyone at the time, six months later somebody must have heard my prayers as a trip had been arranged and I am lucky enough to be going back there in August 2014 – 153 days and counting!



2 thoughts on “My soul inspiration #1: Disney World!

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