Mission Statement

“Bethany you are an author. A composer of life.

You cherish the hearts of others, and want them to be free. To dance in the light of their own passions.

You cherish the uniqueness of others.

You imagine – and through your imagination, you encourages others to take a leap of faith and to be themselves:

Beautiful, impassioned beings.

You encourage the humour of others, as they playfully embrace all that they have to offer this life.

Your joy is what makes others’ hearts sing. To make them believe”.

This is the message I received whilst in meditation, sitting in the bath, asking for the gazillionth time for guidance about what it is I have to offer this world. What my life purpose is. The topic that has been numero uno on my mind for the last, oh, five years or so.

I have spent years feeling stuck. Trapped in a career I detest with no idea what I could do instead, and feeling weak for being unable to put up and shut up like everybody else around me seems to. My confidence and self-esteem has taken a battering over the years, and on top of assuming myself incapable of change I have felt horribly arrogant for thinking I was any different to anybody else.

And whilst I am not different or more special than anyone else, I am picking myself up from depression and a life I feel trapped in, and making a flight for freedom. Because I have to, I have lived the alternative and for me it is a dark, dark path.

If you feel the same way, then know that I get it. If you feel different somehow, if you think you’re meant for something more? You are right. We are more, and we must do exactly what makes our spirits dance.


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